Note. I am not the original creator of the game "Vampire the masquerade bloodhunt", nor am I the creator of the visual material utilized in the creation of the above video. All rights go to their respective owners.

The brief was to create a "short, actionpacked gameplay trailer" using footage available of the game online. Another goal was to make first time viewers understand that Bloodhunt is a fast packed thriller game. With these goals in mind, I found a fittingly thrilling and intense music track and combined it with gameplay.
Now in order to actually make it seem like a "gameplay" trailer, some immediate challenges had to be overcome.
Firstly, I wanted to use the most cinematic looking shots and videos. However, these were always presented without any kind of visible user interfaces. A "user interface" being the icons, healthbars and such things that the player interacts with during play.
Down below you can see an example of the user interface (UI) that is present in the game.

Above. The healthbar, enhancements and shield icons. These are always present in the bottom left of the screen during play.

Secondly, I wanted the trailer to actually feature gameplay and not just show pre-rendered shots that had no UI.
To solve this challenge, I extracted the UI from the game using several screenshots and videos, and placed it over the cinematic looking shots!
Down below is a cinematic looking shot,
And here below is a screenshot from my video,
I solved this challenge by combining the UI from the game with the cinematic lookings shots available online! By using this method I could utilize all the cinematic shots while still making it a "gameplay" trailer.
Motion Graphics
Sharkmob usually utilize motion graphics for their videos, and so I of course wanted to do the same. I however did not have access to any of their special effects, which meant that I had to improvise in order to get the animation to look like theirs.
I used After Effects to create the animation down below,