Initial Thoughts
LEGO is quite unique in what it does. It's the worlds most popular building block, and played a big part of many peoples childhoods. I believe everyone who used to play with LEGO remembers the sounds two bricks would make when combined, or what it sounded like to pour a drawer full of LEGO on the floor. As so many people are familiar with how LEGO works, I wanted to try to recreate the feeling of actually playing with it in this animation.
The animation starts of with just a couple of blocks being put together, but eventually they come together to form something bigger than themselves. The sound of lego bricks being put together can also be heard towards the middle of the animation, as to empathise on more than just the visual aspect of the logotype, but also the brand. I worked mostly with gradiant ramp effects and grid simulation to create the animaton.
All of this was created using Adobe After Effects.
The process of making this animation was very fun! I had to learn how the camera tool in After effects works, and also how to make splits in my timeline to accommodate different angles the animation was going to use. It was also the first time i worked with 3D objects, and had to figure out how to actually make them in After Effects.
Above. I had to experiment with different angles in order to find the ones most suited to present the logo in a logical order.
Above. I made the logotype 3D by adding duplicate layers of it behind a flat picture, so as to make it seem like 3D.
Below you can find two mockups for the animation, where you can see an example of how and where it can be applied.
Above. A mockup for the LEGO logotype animation.
Above. The LEGO Logotype animation mockup in still frame.